Dawn's Home Daycare

Messy Adventures in learning

Note Regarding Peanut/Nut Products

 Our home is not fully peanut free and I am unable to guarantee a peanut free environment.  Peanut products are not given to any child in my care. A few of our family members have allergies to it and some young children may not have been exposed to it yet

  I recognize that by serving well-balanced, nutritious meals, I am helping both your child and my own grow up healthy. Your child will receive a morning snack, a hot or cold (depending on weather)  lunch, and an afternoon snack each day. I will personally assist each child at mealtime to ensure that every child is well fed. It is my strong belief that a child can only learn well if he is fed well, with nutritious and balanced meals. If your child requires a special diet you may be need to provide snacks and lunch for your child.

   In a day I would supply a mid morning snack  (approx between 9:15-10am), lunch (11:30-12:15pm) and an after nap snack (3pm-3: 30pm). 


Dawn's Little Stars Home Daycare Menu

Snacks- served with water or half juice/water blend 

Banana Blueberry muffins with flax seed

Whole grain crackers, hummus

Ham or turkey breast, whole grain bread or crackers and fruit

Homemade pita chips, sliced veggies & bean dip

Mini go yogurt and apple slices

Yogurt and berries smoothie

Sugar free apple sauce

Ants on a log: celery sticks filled with hummus, cream cheese or cheese topped with raisins, banana dices or apples dices

Apple sauce graham crackers

Homemade yogurt cereal bars

Homemade Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin Squares

Soft Oatmeal Raisin Delights

Veggie chips and dip

Lunches- Milk is always served with meals

Grill cheese sandwiches made with raisin bread, apple slices

Cheese Quesadillas made with whole wheat tortillas, pear slices or veggie sticks

Homemade Mac n cheese with broccoli and garlic bread

Mini burgers, sweet potato fries and veggies

French toast made with raisin bread

English muffin pizza?s topped with veggies

Homemade chicken and peas nuggets with sweet potato fries

Hardboiled egg, whole grain toast fingers veggies

Homemade vegetarian lasagna

Homemade haddock sticks or nuggets with sweet potato fries

Roast chicken, veggies and whole grain rice

English muffin pizzas

Beef/chicken or turkey Stew and dumplings

Homemade chicken noodle soup