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July 15, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of Dawn, our home daycare provider. Let me assure you that you would be hard-pressed to find a better person to care for your child.

Dawn has been our childcare provider for the past two years and has done an amazing job with my grandson, Daniel.  Daniel is autistic and has some very challenging behaviors. He needs steady routines and a firm but gentle hand in dealing with life skills and social situations. Dawn has provided for all of these needs. She has set up regular routines with Daniel and has provided a safe and caring environment where Daniel has flourished. She is very professional in how she runs her daycare.   In the two years that she has cared for Daniel she has never missed a day and has given us plenty of advance notice of dates when her daycare is closed.

Of Dawn’s strengths -and there are many- her greatest is her calm but firm approach to childcare. She conducts herself professionally, respects confidentiality, and is able to connect with children of all ages. She good understanding of the needs and interests of children and she devotes her full attention to each child and gives each what he or she individually needs. She is creative and always has interesting activities and crafts ready to entertain, teach, and challenge the children.

We are so saddened to be losing Dawn but Daniel is off to kindergarten in the fall. I sincerely believe that you will not find a better person to care for your child as her warmth, attentive care, and inviting personality will be sure to endear her to you and your child. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like any additional information.


Maria B –

May 2014

To Whom it may concern:

I have been asked by Dawn to give her a reference for lovingly taking care of my granddaughter Charly for the last 7 months.

I have to say Dawn has found her calling. Not only does she watch your children but she nurtures them, teaches them and teaches them as her own. Charly was home babysat and had very little interaction with other children. In Dawn’s care, she has come leaps and bounds reciting her alphabet, counting, colours, shapes and making new friends. Dawn truly spends the time with the children teaches them , interacts with them in a loving in a loving environment.  

I would highly recommend Dawn and her home to anyone wanting a loving home daycare that truly has your child’s best interests at heart. I just hope she is available the next time I need her temporarily, I’ll cry if she’s not because I don’t know if I can find anyone to compare.

We will miss you Dawn (and Randy too!)

Pam, Rick and Charly

Call anytime

August 12, 2013

To whom it may concern,

My son has been under Dawn’s care since February 2012 just before he turned 3 years old. Dawn was very highly recommend to me by a close friend who’s daughter attends Little Stars home daycare. Right away my son was very comfortable in her home and with her family and with the other kids in the daycare.

When he had started, my son had delayed speech development and was not able to communicate very clearly using his words. We noticed a huge improvement in his speech shortly after he started at Little Stars. He was also a very picky eater and Dawn managed to get him to try many healthy foods that we had not previously had success with.

I enjoy the private facebook group that Dawn has for the parents… it is nice to see pictures that are posted of the kids and activities that she has planned for them for the week. It lets you feel a part of their day even though you are not physically there.

Dawn cares very much for the kids and takes time to plan healthy meals and educational/fun activities. The children respect her authority and my son knows he must be polite and respectful to her and the other children.

I would 100% recommend Dawn !

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you so much,


Amber C.

July 2013

To whom its may concern,

Re: Dawn’s Little stars Home Daycare

Our daughter Karleigh has attended Dawn’s Home Daycare from August 2009-present, our son Kullen has attended since January 2010. Having Karleigh and Kullen attend an in-home daycare was a preference of my husband and I that would better accommodate our shift work hours. We didn’t want the children to feel shuffled about or feel a lack of routine.

Dawn provides a caring and safe environment for all the children in her home. The daily routine is organized with scheduled activities and outside time. She prepares home-cooked nutritious meals and snacks for the children daily. Dawn runs her daycare in the most professional manner. In the past four years, she has never taken a sick day and if she schedules an appointment (maybe a couple times per year)it is late in the day and gives the parents notice months in advance.

Providing daycare to young children is truly dawn’s calling. She is calm, loving, positive, patient, and kind in all situations. She always greets the children at the door with a smile and never lets a holiday or birthday pass without a celebration and gift.

She is a genuinely good person, who truly loves all the children in her care and they truly love her. I guess the best reference for Dawn would be the fact that my children will sometimes ask to go to her house even on the weekend, or are visibly disappointed if I pick them up early.

Sadly, Karleigh and Kullen will be leaving Miss Dawn, as they both will be attending full-time school in the fall.

Dawn is truly an exceptional person and her home daycare is one I would recommend without reservation.

Johna L.

September 21, 2012

To whom it may concern,

We thank you so much for everything you have done for Jayde during the past 5 months. We know she will miss you immensely along with your boys. It is amazing and very rewarding to see how much she has learned and developed in your care.

We appreciated your kindness and your willingness to work with us to meet the needs of our child.

It was a great feeling to have our daughter greet you with open arms every morning.

I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone who is looking for a competent, dependable & caring childcare provider.

Thank you again,

Yours Truly,

June W.